Our Story

MommiesFirst was created by a mom for moms.


 When my son was born I was excited and nervous, overjoyed and petrified and mostly completely unprepared. As a first time mom, I searched for answers and advice from everyone and from everywhere. I was completely overloaded with advice and shopping lists. What I also discovered was even with all the help my baby had a mind of his own. What worked for others didn’t necessarily work for us. Every baby really is unique not only in their DNA but also in their tastes and preferences AND every mom has different needs, priorities, and concerns too. It was only with countless product experiments, lots of frantic runs to the store and many, many dollars later that we slowly figured out what worked best for us. Throughout this adventure, I thought to myself – there must be a better way.

And so the idea for MommiesFirst was born. MommiesFirst was created to make life for new moms a little bit easier and a lot less stressful. We aim to be a trusted resource for moms to discover products during her pregnancy and in her baby’s first year. We put mommy and baby first – you are our priority. Rather than be overwhelmed or confused by all the different “stuff” you need for your baby, our MommiesFirst Council (made up of real moms, dads, baby lovers) does the research and we send recommended products for you and your baby to enjoy. Our hope is that the care package delivered to your door is that special treat you look forward to each month and the products inside your box empower you to shop with ease and confidence.

The journey of motherhood is life changing. Every path is different, but what binds us together is the love for our babies. And it is with genuine love and care that every month we create a MommiesFirst package for you and your baby.

Lorena Pacheco Scott
Founder & CEO, MommiesFirst
Chief Mama of Two

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