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Alison MacPherson 

  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Kids: Working mom of Madeleine 
  • Favorite part about being a mom: I still go in almost every night at least once to check on my daughter well after she has gone to bed, even though I may risk waking her – I guess it’s the paranoid first parent in me. I love to watch her sleep and to see hear her cute little breaths.

Alessandra Laguna van den Hoek (Alle)

    • Hometown: Born in Ribeirao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil. Living in Courtice, ON
    • Kids: Mother of Amelia Manoella, age 13 months and step mother/caregiver of Isabelle 12 years old
    • Favorite part about being a mom: Being a mom/stepmom is the most rewarding "job" in the world. Working with children is learning everyday that it is possible to live in a world based on innocence and filled with dreams


Amanda Gobatto

  • Hometown: GTA, Ontario
  • Kids: Mom to two amazing kids
  • Favorite part about being a mom:  I can only pick one favourite part?  I love watching my children grow, develop, discover new things and achieve their goals! I also love the snuggles and the unconditional love!
  • Blog:

Amber Anderson 

  • Hometown:
  • Kids: Proud mama of two adorable daughters whom she affectionately nicknamed Mini & Lolo
  • Favorite part about being a mom

Ana Proctor 

  • Hometown: Kirkland, WA
  • Kids: Carolina
  • Favorite part of being a mom: What I love most about being a mom is watching my daughter evolve and grow into her own person. I admire her.

Andrea Nodosy Bunt

  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Kids: She is also the proud mom of her one year old daughter, Maggy
  • Favorite thing about being a mom: I read this study (or rather, I read a newspaper article about a study) that concluded that rats who were licked more as infants grew up to be smarter and more well adjusted (however they define a well adjusted rat) than their un-licked peers. I’ve taken that study to heart and now just give Maggy a big lick a couple times a day. Just kidding, I don’t do that. Well, maybe I do.

Beckie Brown 

  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Kids: Proud mom to two beautiful, adult ladies, Sarah and Courtney. Currently she derives the most joy from being as close to a full-time grammie
  • Favorite part about being a grammie: 
  • Blog: Crazy4SubscriptionBoxes (

Charmaine Pattison

  • Hometown: somewhere between Singapore, Dubai, Rome and Vancouver (Canada)
  • Kids: Mum of Maya and Ryan
  • Favorite part of being a mom: The sound of little tap-tap feet running to your room at 2am, delightful squeals at the sight of an apparent whale with a polka dot tale, huggamugga kisses and sunrise giggles

Charmian Love

  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Kids: Mom to Toby and Peter
  • Favorite Part about being a mom: 
Cheri Matterazzo Pugatch
  • Hometown: East Hampton, CT
  • Kids: Mom to Madison and Molly
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Cuddling with my girls!

Cherrie Tam

  • Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Are of Expertise: Founder and Chief Baby Officer of NuBaby ( a Toronto-based company that focuses on postnatal child development and parenting support. She is a Registered Early Childhood Educator

Erica Buxton 

  • Hometown: Michigan
  • Kids: Moms of two babies, Tyler and Victoria
  • Favorite part about being a mom: 

Emma Finlayson

  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Kids: Mum to a crazy little boy, Wife, Friend, Film Post Production cog, movie junkie, book lover, new DIY’er and fashionista
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Having the superpower of being able to kiss everything better
  • Blog:

Exeline West

  • Hometown: Chipman, New Brunswick
  • Kids: Emeline.  She is 1
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Everything.  This is the most amazing thing I have ever been gifted enough to be a part of.  She teaches me something everyday and astonishes me with how smart she is.  She is the light of my world and I am SO joyful to get to be her Mom and to be the one who helps guide her through life.

Jason Killeen

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Kids: Dad to Cody 
  • Favorite part about being a dad: My son's smile, enthusiasm, and happiness when we read books, play outside, build Legos, or watch cartoons

Jennifer Ruckman

  • Hometown: Kingwood, TX
  • Kids: Mom of three. Two boys and a girl- ages 9, 5, and 2.
  • Favorite part about being a mom: We love amusement parks. We take the kids to Hershey Park every year on Easter weekend. I know that taking three kids and all their gear to walk around an amusement all day fighting crowds seems exhausting (and let me tell you-it is), but we hope that the kids will look back one day and remember with fondness their first carousel ride, or the first time Daddy won them a teddy bear, or the time that Mommy rode the scary roller coaster and was dizzy for an hour... 

Johanna Chang

  • Hometowns: Johanna was raised in Katy, Texas, and has lived in Nashville and in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
  • Kids: She has an active 3 year old boy and a lovely 1 year old baby girl
  • Favorite part about being a mom:


Juli Gabehart

  • Hometown: Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Kids: Mom to Morgan and granmom ("Sweetie") to Jeremiah
  • Favorite part about being a mom: I'm past the childbearing years but I don't think I'll ever get over having baby fever. Someday, I'm going to volunteer at a hospital neonatal unit to rock babies.  You can't spoil a baby with love!

Kevin "Spike" Zelenka

  • Hometown: Henderson, Nevada 
  • Kids: Stay at Home Dad of 18 month old twins, Carter and Gavin
  • Favorite part about being a dad: What I love most about being a dad is seeing the excitement in my sons' eyes when I teach the two of them new things

Leah Dillon 

  • Hometown: Essex, Vermont
  • Kids: Two awesome boys, Jack and Sam
  • Favorite part about being a mom: I sleep with a noise machine, which means I don't hear Jack unless he is really crying. It allows me to sleep more soundly, but more importantly babies are noisy at night and I used to go in and help him every time I heard a noise, which actually disrupted his sleep. Now I only go in if he really needs me and we both sleep like babies.
  • Blog: Part time blogger at Tout (

Lisa Charbonneau

  • Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Kids: Mom to two young boys ages 3 and 1
  • Favorite part about being a mom: 
  • Blog: Lisa spends what little time she has writing her blog,, which focuses on subscription box reviews, as well as things she loves.

Lorena Scott

  • Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
  • Kids: Mom to two young boys- Sebastian and Alistair
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Endless hugs and kisses and countless inspiration. 
  • Blog:

Maryah Nijim Roberts

  • Hometown: Houston, TX
  • Kids: Mom of four beautiful and rowdy children, a six year old girl, twin three year old boys, a one year old baby boy
  • Favorite part about being a mom: 

Maya Fitzpatrick

  • Hometown: Toronto, ON
  • Kids: Kyle (3.5) & Ryan (16 months) & pregnant with a third
  • Favorite part about being a mom: The thrill of the ride and never knowing if it'll be up or down and of course, the unconditional love! 
  • Blog: 

Melanie Cote

  • Hometown: Espanola, ON
  • Kids: Mom to Shane (4) and Alma (1)
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Parenting has proven to be quite a ride – that’s what I love – never knowing where you’ll be when you wake up each morning…that and hugs
  • Blog:

Melissa Mayer

  • Hometown: Tsawwassen, BC
  • Kids: Kylee (11) Baby (Due October 4 2014)
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Seeing/learning and exploring the world through my childs eyes and all the LOVE
  • Blog:

Natalie Bell 

  • Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Kids: Mom of an infant son, tween daughter and teen daughter in a wonderful blended family
  • Favorite part of being a mom:
  • Blog:

Nedda Salehi 

  • Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
  • Kids: 19-month old daughter, Yara
  • Favorite part about being a mom: 

Precious Banks

  • Hometown:
  • Kids:  Baby girl - Jordyn.
  • Favorite part about being a mom:

Renee Kaiman
  • Hometown: Toronto, ON
  • Kids:  Mom to Sloane (g) 2, and Griffin (b) 10 months
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Discovering the world through my kids eyes
  • Blog: Owner/blogger at My So-Called Mommy Life. A mommy blogger who focuses on sharing the trials and tribulations 
    about being a mom, products we love and our everyday life

Sarah De Diego

  • Hometown: 
  • Kids: Sons - Maximilian and Artemis
  • Favorite part about being a mom: 
  • Blog: Sarah traded her days of being a Corporate Project Manager and filled them with writing humourous blog posts (Journeys of the Zoo) about "The Time she almost Sold her Brother for 25 cents" and How-To’s on "Extracting Beads from your Childs Nose"

Stephanie Davis Michelman

  • Hometown: Rockville, Maryland
  • Kids: Mom of two - Max and Hannah
  • Favorite part of being a mom: 

Shirley Martinezis a first time mom to her daughter, Gabriella. Despite Gabriella's slight hearing loss she is the most energetic, funniest, vibrant baby you'll ever meet! Shirley loves to try new things, whether its for her, her daughter or her hubby, Osiris. We live in New York City and love it!

  • Hometown: New York, NY
  • Kids: First time mom to her daughter, Gabriella
  • Favorite part about being a mom:

Suresh Seneviratne

  • Hometown: Seattle, WA
  • Area of Expertise: Suresh has traveled globally as a celebrity makeup artist. He has worked on countless celebrities, runway shows, magazine editorials, and advertising campaigns. Recent makeup projects include Vogue Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Elle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, French Magazine, Sports Illustrated Magazine, Versace, Nordstrom, and Lucky Brand Jeans.

Tammy Mitchell

  • Hometown: 
  • Kids:  Today Tammy is living her dream as a stay at home mama to 4 incredible children (6 & under)
  • Favorite part about being a mom: 
  • Blog: In between spilt milk and playing cars she is letting her creative juices flow writing on sharing information, product reviews and mother inspiration, all well giving her a bit of adult interaction in her day.

Terri Krajden 

  • Hometown: Toronto, ON
  • Kids:Frankie (3 years old) and Nate (5 months old)
  • Favorite part about being a mom: Watching my boys grow up
  • Blog:
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